Robert Kiyosaki on Successful Real Estate Investing

Interested in starting your real estate portfolio, but not sure where to start?

The uncertainty of getting into the real estate market for the first time can be overwhelming if you have no mentors to coach you. However, real estate investment, when done correctly, can be safe, and of course, extremely rewarding. You just need to know how to arm yourself with the proper knowledge.

In this video, the author of the popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, outlines the first steps you should take in real estate investing to ensure your future success in any market.



Best Real Estate Investment Habits For Success

real estateTo become a successful real estate investor, you have to acquire essential belief of a real estate mindset. For instance, if two investors initiate their real estate careers, they have an equal education background, same opportunities and equal mentors, one of them will build a success while the other remain totally broke.

Whats the difference?

Being a successful real estate investor is more than acquiring knowledge on how to complete a contract. It takes a real estate habit or mindset to become a professional investor. The following are many Real Estate mindsets that must be considered.

Build a long-term perspective.

Focus on 3 to 5 years to come and never let up and down shake your obligation. Be ready for whichever crisis or problem that might arise. Consider how you respond to challenges. Difficulties disclose your real characters.

Practice self-discipline.

Know the perfect time to do things, even if you don’t feel like doing. Hold up the satisfaction for the sake of a lasting benefit. Successful individuals perform duties they never like. Note that, is better to work for five years and have rest for the rest of your days

Operate with a target habit.

Never work without a goal focus. How would you spend your time if money was not a problem? Is it with your family? Perform charity works? Take a tour? Your answer should tell what you want to do with your life. Let it drive you to your success. Think you have a bad habit that’s preventing you from having success? Then learn about overcoming bad habits.

Develop a hard work ethic.

It is the 40+ formula. It means you work 40 hours per week for survival, and after for success, each hour more than 40 for the future investment. An average millionaire operates 59 hours per week. Make every hour count; never waste your working hours.

Do the fundamental things first.

Make a list of stuff you must do and a priority on each one of the. Focus on the fundamental stuff first, and work on it till you are through. Be sure for the use of your time, and then act on it. It is the mindset of highest performance.

Spend your time with successful people.

Create a quality network of successful people. Choose to be like you role models and get involved with them. Instead of being a go-getter, become a go-giver. You cannot say you wish to soar with eagles while you hang around with turkeys.