Top 4 Ways To Improve Your Chances To Sell Your Home

All home owners want to sell their properties for top dollar, but many of them make crucial mistakes throughout the process that stop them from doing so.

Promoting your home for sale requires not only that you make your home attractive to buyers, but that you are also aware of the “tricks of the industry,” as well as the many things that can ruin your chances of selling your home.

Here is our list of the top four things you can do as a seller to better your chances of selling your home:

  1. Work closely with your real estate agent to determine a fair sales price for your home. Today’s market is still a powerful buyer’s market, and pricing your house high in hopes of getting a deal won’t yield any results. Actually, not pricing your home to fit the local market conditions can have serious effects on your capability to sell your home at all. Quite simply, if you want to sell your home, you must also realize that the market will only allow tolerate a certain range, so cooperate with your real estate agent to study the actual comparables in the area and make the right choice with regards to pricing your home.
  2. Give your buyers a little extra. Aside from presenting a lovely home with all the newest updates, simply providing your buyers with a little “extra” will make them feel as if they are getting a great deal when purchasing your home. For example, new kitchen appliances are always a big feature, as are new window treatments as well as built-in closet organizers. Spending just a few hundred dollars can have a huge impact when it comes to selling your home!
  3. Remain flexible when it comes to open houses as well as showing times. Certainly, getting up at 8 am on a Sunday morning isn’t your idea of fun, but when it means accommodating an eager buyer, then it should be. Selling a home is probably one of the most stressful stuff you can go through, and that includes being willing and able to depart the home at a moment’s notice so that a buyer can tour it. However, saying “no” time and again to requests to view your home will likely result in a lack of curiosity and a common consensus amongst other real estate agents that you are a hard seller.
  4. Make your home sparkle! Clean homes sell faster and for more money than their own dustier counterparts. Take the time to empty the actual sink of dirty dishes, make the beds, and pay off the shoes and coats from the entry before a displaying or open house. If you don’t have the time in your schedule to keep your home neat and tidy in order that it can be shown at a moment’s notice, hire a cleaning plan to do it for you. We assure the money spent on a cleansing service will be more than worthwhile when it comes time to sell your home!

Need more detail to make the home selling process easier and more fool-proof? Here are more ideas to help you sell your home quickly, and for more $$:


Even in a buyer’s market, you can sell your home, as long as you implement the right promoting, pricing, and presentation methods.